Content Marketing

If content is king, then consistency is queen

We are all familiar with the phrase “Content is king”, first coined by Bill Gates in the ‘90s. However, this simple statement has never been more relevant than now. In 1996, when he originally used it only about 1% of the world was online. By the start of 2020 that had risen to over 50% …

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Communicating when the doors are closed

During a crisis, communicating with your customers and letting them know that you are there for them is critical. Combined with this, however, is the need to let them know how you can help them. Otherwise you risk just becoming unwanted spam. For many retailers this has meant a switch to online shops and delivery. …

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Digital Marketing

Covid-19 Discounts Available

Many businesses have had to quickly change the way they are working over recent months.  Some have taken their entire business online, while others are doing business behind closed doors or remotely. Both these options present new challenges for business owners used to face-to-face contact and traditional forms of communication. It is vital during this …

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