3 Reasons to market in a crisis

Many times, marketing is forgotten or overlooked when there is a crisis that impacts the way we do business or sell a product or service.  This is often due to the misunderstanding of what exactly marketing is and what the monetary cost to a business might be. In simple terms, marketing is a way of interesting people in your product or service. Think about the impact on sales if you stop telling people about not only what you do but the benefit to them of you doing that?

1.Let people know you are open

Let your customers know you are still available. In many cases they have the same needs as before and you are still able to fulfil those needs. This may be through a different mechanic e.g., via telephone and email rather than face to face but you are still there. It is also possible that these same customers may require a different need to be fulfilled and you could well be able to help them in that regard. What other services or products do they not avail of that could be of benefit to them now? Remember that you already have a relationship with these people, they trust you so respect that trust and don’t disappear on them.

2. Show empathy with your customers

Don’t just tell your customers you are open, let them also know that you can help them.  Have a think about the different types of customers you have and how you can help each of these groups. Then get in touch and let them know. Maybe it’s by offering a different service or product than they usually engage with you for.  Or perhaps it’s a switch to a delivery service or an online meeting arrangement which would suit them better than before. When you put yourself in your customers shoes you can clearly start seeing the need that your product or service fulfils for them.

3.Engage new customers

Who doesn’t want to gain new customers? Now that you are doing things differently or focussing on a new product or feature of your service, you may also be opening the door to a whole new customer. And even if you aren’t doing anything hugely differently, your target audience might be and therefore could be looking for you. If you are not visible, then they will not find you. Build your profile and reputation by ensuring you can be seen where they are looking and be ready to start building new relationships.

Remember when there is no business as usual, communication is key to make sure there is business!