Our Readymade Plans

Engaging with a marketing company can be daunting to many small businesses. There are so many decisions and choices to make. That’s why along with our tailored plans which we develop specifically for customers, we offer a couple of readymade options. These allow you to take full advantage of the resources of a marketing specialist whether it’s for a single query, a single project or a longer term relationship. 


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Plan 1 Meet

This is our specialist 1 hour deep dive meeting and advice session. Do you have a particular marketing problem you want to talk through?  Unsure of how to put together a marketing plan? Whether you are developing a new website or starting a social media campaign we can help.

This session requires preparation from both sides and is a great way of brainstorming and helping solve your marketing problem. 

You can book an appointment to suit your schedule. In advance you will be asked to complete a questionnaire detailing the exact issue so we can prepare. Follow up recommendations will be provided.

This is a very popular option for companies looking for practical advice and assistance when applying for the LEO Trading Online Voucher. 


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Plan 2 Mentor

Our Mentor service has been designed to help companies set up their marketing and content plans with a view to taking them in-house. It is a 4-week programme and is the ideal way to help any business get a head start with creative ideas and practical advice available exactly when they need it.

A weekly call is scheduled to discuss key topics. Marketing planning and content management templates are provided. Assistance is available for all aspects of marketing and the service is tailored for your particular need at a given time.

This is an ideal solution for smaller companies who don’t want to have an ongoing cost but do have some time to dedicate to marketing. It is also an option for start ups and new enterprises that need specialist advice at a point in time.


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Plan 3 Manage

You recognise the value of ongoing marketing but don’t have the time to dedicate to it. However, you’re not sure you need a full-time resource. This is where our out-sourced marketing management service is ideal.

Giving you access to an agreed level of expert and professional marketing support when and where you need it, this service can help you maximise your marketing budget. Our management service means you leave the marketing to us, while you get on with business.

For businesses who are looking to increase their visibility while they continue to grow, this is a suitable option. Using out-sourced marketing support, your business can reap huge benefits without the overheads. This service is offered on a minimum 3 month basis. 

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For an initial free of charge 15 minute consultation and to find out more about any of the plans just contact us. We’re always to delighted to chat!