Content Marketing

If content is king, then consistency is queen

We are all familiar with the phrase “Content is king”, first coined by Bill Gates in the ‘90s. However, this simple statement has never been more relevant than now. In 1996, when he originally used it only about 1% of the world was online. By the start of 2020 that had risen to over 50% and up to 80%+ in developed countries.

Your audience is online

Over the last few months, during the global pandemic, people have moved ever more online and are consuming vast amounts more content in that space. In an economy that is re-opening, on a phased basis, they will be staying there for some considerable time to come.

Content is an easy, economical and simple way of staying relevant to your audience and grabbing their attention. It is one of the most hugely effective online tools there is (although it does also have an offline impact as well). Well-thought out and put-together content, written for your audience can reap strong rewards.

But remember consistency is queen!

Consistency allows us to behave in the same way and to show the same attitudes and beliefs on a continuous basis. It helps us to develop our unique tone of voice and portray the image we want of our business. Without this, content can become incoherent and unprofessional. This can lead your audience to perceive you as erratic and unpredictable. Certainly not the image most companies wish to portray.

Goal Setting is key

The key to consistency is setting and achieving goals. You need to determine what you wish to achieve with each piece of content published and be accountable for the results. Thinking off the top of your head and randomly posting, when you can squeeze in the time, is simply not good enough in a professional context. A structured approach is required to ensure your voice is heard and understood clearly. It can also ensure that the intended call to action is not overlooked.

Schedule to succeed

Alongside setting goals to achieve consistency, a schedule should be developed. This is a living, breathing document that allows you to control what you are producing, issuing and clearly set goals against it. Then you will know who you are talking to, when you are talking to them and how you are talking to them. Maintain a schedule and it will assist you in putting a focus and value on your outputs. It will allow you to clearly see when you are publishing and when you should be publishing. Post too often and it gets annoying but post too seldom and you will be forgotten.

Using content to capture the attention of your audience can help you create a position of experience in your industry. It can compel your target audience to come back for more without a hard sell. It is an ideal way of reinforcing brand values and building loyalty. This can only be successfully achieved with planning so develop a routine, build momentum, form a habit and achieve your goals.

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