"Understands the Message"

Shortbytes have been a great company for my business to work with. Rachel is full of innovation and creativity. She understands the message we’re trying to communicate to our clients and always finds an effective way of achieving this. She has a great, no-fuss attitude to work and because of that I’m available to focus my time on the day to day running of the business. I would encourage any small business that is serious about communicating effectively with their clients, to consider working with Shortbytes.

Daragh Coleman, Owner
Coleman Financial Planning

"Practical & Ultra-efficient"

We have employed the services of Rachel Lyons from shortbytes.ie for more than a year now. We’ve found Rachel to be enormously helpful in implementing various marketing strategies & helping us grow our digital marketing presence.

Rachel is practical, ultra-efficient & very nice to deal with, we wish her continued success.

Barry Fitzsimons, Owner
Fitzsimons Finance

"Innovative Ideas"

Rachel has taken my digital marketing to a level which has exceeded my expectations, on a regular basis my brand awareness & blogs are being noticed by a greater number of existing & potential clients. The attention to detail & innovative ideas are to be commended. I am very happy to highly recommend Rachel.

Donald P. McKenna, Owner/Financial Adviser
Donald P. McKenna & Associates


I'm very thankful for the fantastic few months I had working with Rachel. Our weekly virtual meetings proved invaluable for planning, creating, and implementing an all round better digital marketing strategy for my business. Before working with Rachel, I found social media a daunting and intimidating place to be. Now that I'm in the habit of planning and creating my content, the time and effort it takes has been more than cut in half, and most of all, business is starting to grow again as a result.
Karen Coghlan, Owner
Freedom Fitness & Freedom Nutrition

"Creative Thinking"

Rachel worked with Back To Work Connect on developing our social media and marketing strategy. She brought a wealth of knowledge and creative thinking to the table particularly in the areas of Social Media and Communication. She is very professional, friendly and easy to work with. It has been a pleasure working with Rachel and I would highly recommend her.

Gina Oglesby, CEO & Founder
Back To Work Connect

"Super Organised"

I've worked with Rachel in the area of marketing. She is super organised in terms of helping you with a marketing plan and the right mix of content. I would highly recommend Rachel if you need help in marketing your business.

Rory Brazil, Certified Financial Planner/The Money Mentor
Brazil Financial

"Took the "mystery" out of it!"

We spent a few months working with Rachel and it really helped us get our heads around what is involved in marketing a small business. Rachel took the "mystery" out of it all - showing us how to get a lot more from our social media and helping us to decipher all the analytical tools out there! Working with Rachel helped us to put a plan in place that was actually doable. Rather than overcomplicating things we came away with a clear idea of the basics and a simple and achievable plan of what we need to do to promote our business! It really helped us to not be so afraid of marketing side of things! Sharon Smith, Baby Photographer & Co-Owner Hippy & Bloom Photography

"Helpful & Precise"

We were delighted to work closely with Rachel of Shortbytes Marketing Solutions. They have been a great company to steer us in the right direction. Rachel is so helpful, precise and her attention to detail is incredible. I would have no hesitation to highly recommend Rachel.