Evergreen or Topical Content?

Evergreen or Topical Content – Which is better?

You’re putting together your content calendar and have looked at your content pillars. Now you need to populate the content. A question I am often asked is around what topics to write on. Should the topic be broad based or specific to a particular point in time? In other words, should you use evergreen content or topical content on your website, blog and social media channels. The first thing is to understand the difference between the two types and the different roles they play.

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content, put simply, is content that retains it’s relevance. It is not time sensitive and will continue to appeal to the audience and drive traffic long after it is originally published. In essence, as the name suggests it stays fresh.  Evergreen content includes things such as FAQs, industry tips and product explanations. Tips, How-tos, lists, product reviews and testimonials are all formats of evergreen content.

What role does it play?

Evergreen content is important both in the short term but also as a long term content strategy. It’s role is not just to engage with your current audience but it can help you increase your traffic over time. If the content is SEO optimised it will, overtime, rank in search engines and generate traffic for years.

What is topical content?

Topical content is content produced in a timely fashion and relating to something current. It is relevant, of-the-moment and usually very searchable. It can be great for increasing traffic temporarily but it tends to have a passing appeal as the content will often date quickly and become irrelevant. Statements of fact, opinion pieces and commentaries on current affairs are all types of topical content.

What role does it play?

The role of topical content is to show that a business/person has their “finger on the pulse”. This generally adds value to whatever the story or topic being covered is. This type of content also plays an important role in building up a brands voice. It can help in carving out a thought leadership position. The goal with topical content is to be the voice of authority on a subject and to educate people on that subject.

Which type of content should I use?

This very much depends on the objectives and your goals. The best approach tends to be to use a mix of both, allowing each play an active role in achieving the objectives. When your content is mapped out on a content calendar and measured, it will be clear which type works best for you.

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